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It’s no secret. Pick up any newspaper or tune in to any news broadcast. All you hear about is Global Warming. There is a movement toward alternatives to Petroleum.   Now look around at all of those Plastic Disposable Pens you have been using. Just where do you think that plastic comes from? If you […]

I have always been fascinated by the Coat of Arms hanging on the wall in my father’s house. After a little on-line searching, I was able to find a source for Heraldic art that I could modify to be compatible with my laser engraver.  The Coat of Arms begins as a color version, approximately 4″ x 5″. […]

    I have been working on a few new patterns to engrave onto (or is it into?) my wooden pens.  I know that women really like the Claddagh and it’s romantic connotations. Men on the other hand, are less inclined to sport anything with a Claddagh design , like the ring in my jewelry box.  […]

We all share a common problem. What do I get for my mother for Christmas, Birthday, or Mother’s Day?      Since we are all in the same boat on this problem, I took my best shot at a solution. Here is a nice looking pen designed just for Mom. Think about it for a […]

  While most hand crafted pens are made from wood, there is another material that you should consider trying.  Dupont Corian. Yes, the very same material used in counter tops. Corian is a great looking material, that comes in over 100 colors.  Starting out, I had my hands full just trying to perfect my technique with […]

   For anyone thinking about making wooden pens for the first time, please don’t let this change your mind. Making wooden pens is an artistic endeavor that is not only therapeutic, but actually borders on fun.   What I am saying is don’t quit your day job. For every person selling a fair number of high end […]


WPW Pen Making Video Not your typical pen making how to. Worth a look.