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It’s no secret. Pick up any newspaper or tune in to any news broadcast. All you hear about is Global Warming. There is a movement toward alternatives to Petroleum.   Now look around at all of those Plastic Disposable Pens you have been using. Just where do you think that plastic comes from? If you […]

I have always been fascinated by the Coat of Arms hanging on the wall in my father’s house. After a little on-line searching, I was able to find a source for Heraldic art that I could modify to be compatible with my laser engraver.  The Coat of Arms begins as a color version, approximately 4″ x 5″. […]

We all share a common problem. What do I get for my mother for Christmas, Birthday, or Mother’s Day?      Since we are all in the same boat on this problem, I took my best shot at a solution. Here is a nice looking pen designed just for Mom. Think about it for a […]