Finally, the perfect gift for your mother.


We all share a common problem. What do I get for my mother for Christmas, Birthday, or Mother’s Day?

 MOM pen barrelMOM pen barrel

   Since we are all in the same boat on this problem, I took my best shot at a solution. Here is a nice looking pen designed just for Mom. Think about it for a minute…

  First of all it is a nice pen. Who wouldn’t like a nice pen? More importantly though, the pen is engraved with all of Mom’s kids. The lower barrel has all of the names in any order that you would like to see them. Even though you might like to see your name first on the list, I think order of birth might be more appropriate. But you get to decide, so knock yourself out. If you are an only child, you get to put your name anywhere you want.

MOM’s pen

  When your Mom takes out her pen and waves it around like Norton signing a check, someone is bound to say “what an interesting pen”. That will be your mother’s cue to show the pen and glowingly describe each child in turn. What mother could resist such a chance. She is also likely to go on about how thoughtful it was of you (her favorite child) to have gone through all of the trouble to have the perfect gift designed especially for her.

  And now to the pen…..

As with all of my pens, this one was hand turned on a my wood lathe. The engraving spirals down and around from the center band down to the tip. The names are separated by a nice little heart. The overall design lends itself to other possibilities to follow. Dad, Grandms, Grandpa etc…

  The spiral design was a little tricky to work out. Font size and spiral angle have to be carefully planned, to keep the names from overlapping on the way around. A fair amount of time was spent working out the details, but I think the result is pretty good. The ornate font for MOM works best for a short name like MOM. Longer names like Grandma will look better in another font.

  Hickory was used because it is a nice looking wood, but more importantly, it engraves with a nice contrast.

So what are you waiting for? There is nothing left to think about.

Your MOM will love it.

You can view this pen, and many others at :


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