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  I hate to admit it, but I have finally succumbed. I bought some wooden pens and matching boxes that were imported from China. For the price, they are actually not too bad. I get a lot of comments from people who say they love my laser engraved pens, but just can’t bring themselves to plunk […]

    I have been working on a few new patterns to engrave onto (or is it into?) my wooden pens.  I know that women really like the Claddagh and it’s romantic connotations. Men on the other hand, are less inclined to sport anything with a Claddagh design , like the ring in my jewelry box.  […]

We all share a common problem. What do I get for my mother for Christmas, Birthday, or Mother’s Day?      Since we are all in the same boat on this problem, I took my best shot at a solution. Here is a nice looking pen designed just for Mom. Think about it for a […]