Tired of feeling like a bum every Christmas?


Doyle Chimneypiece
Its never too early to be thinking about Christmas Shopping.

You can save 20% by acting before May 1st

Come on all of you procrastinators, get this done.

Guys tell me if I’m wrong. Every year you wait till the last minute to do your Christmas shopping, and then panic, and wind up bringing home some lame piece of crap. Then you feel guilty, and promise yourself that you won’t do the same thing next year. But then you do!

Its time to break the cycle. Be a hero this year. Just look at this Chimneypiece. Its Personalized, so whoever gets one knows that you actually went out of your way to make them happy for a change. Your Wife would love one, your Mother would love one, your sister would too.

If you don’t act now, and later, you forget where you saw that perfect Christmas gift, don’t come crying to me.

Look, I’m trying to keep you out of trouble and save you 20% at the same time.

So do us both a favor and just get it done. http://www.woodenpenworks.etsy.com


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